Cal 1969$1,250.0013220 foot Cal sailboat 1969This is a nice boat. Jenson design. model with mast. Full sails. Hull ID #1236
Hunter1977$10,0000Amazing! 6'4" headroom. Diesel. 4' draft. Self furlong head sail. Full sails. Wonderful wonderful.
Oday 1970'$1,2500Wonderful boatODAY classic design. Big cockpit. Great daysailer. Cabin big enough for camp outs. Call us for Special BOAT and Grayhaven Marina BOATWELL deal.
Columbia 1969$2,00011922 foot Columbia sailboat 1969 3 Jibs, 1 main and 1 spinnaker. Sleeps 4. Sink. Head. Built in cooler. 8 hp 4 stroke outboard motor 3 years old. Clean.
Crescent 1970$6,000.0015824 foot: Crescent sailboat 1970 Crescent #4 Manon is currently racing in the Lake St. Clair Fleet out of Detroit. It is a proven winner. Complete with 6 hp outboard, sails and yard trailer.
Star Duplin 1973$3,000.0016122 foot Star Duplin sailboat 1973 Blue fiberglass in good condition. Race ready with mast, sails and trailer.
Star1980s$3,500.00344 22 foot Star sailboat 1980sHull #6197
Star1963$2,500.0034722 foot Star sailboat 1980sHull #4697 sailed by Skip Etchells
Star1950s$1,500.00350 22 foot Star sailboat 1950sHull #2112
Star1939$1,500.0035122 foot Star sailboat 1939 Hull #1775
Crescent1970$5,000.0015824 foot Crescent sailboat 1970 Hull number 23. Complete with sails and outboard.
New Horizon1965$2,000.00026 foot shallow draftRough finish on deck. Rough interior. Structurally sound. Atomic 4 gas engine. Solid trailer. Sails.
Cal1969$1,000132 20 foot Cal sailboat 1969Hull #1236 "Dancing Bear."
Star1984$3,000.00341 22 foot Star sailboat 1984Hull #6977 Jackalope Pam Craft
Crescent1970$6,000.0015924 foot Crescent sailboat 1970 Crescent #22 has been active in one design racing in the Lake St. Clair Fleet in Detroit. Raced most Saturdays and Tuesday nights. A proven race winner. Race ready. Trailer, 6 hp outboard.
Star 1939$1,000.00134 22 foot Star boat wood sailboat 1939Trailer Included. Mast, boom, sails, complete. Hull #1775, builder CM 39.
23' Columbia w trailer1975$2,000023' columbia w trailer. Shoal draft. Complete sails. Trailer! Shoal Draft!
Cal 24 "Remedy"19680Cal 24 "Remedy" w 9.9 outboard. Complete sails.
Cal1969$1,0000"Ryan's Hope" Cal 20. Complete sails. Sue says . . . "The Hull's in great shape!" Pic coming soon
Cal 201969$3,0000Complete sails with trailer. A beauty. Cal 20.
1969, Cal 25 w 9.9 Mariner 1969$3,0000Cal 25'. Race ready. 9.9 Mariner outboard. VC Bottom paint! Fast. Smooth. Huge DRYA race class. Pic coming soon.
25' Cal. 19711971$2,5000Cal 25' 1971. Sails. Huge DRYA racing class.
16' Paceship w trailer$1,000016' Paceship w trailer and merc outboard.
24' searay 1974, brown1974$2,0000Searay, 1974, Brown, Twin four cylinder I/O's. Interior's rough but hull and motor sound. Trailer available.
27' Newport w atomic 41978$5,40001978 Newport 27-1. Beauty! Great shape. Good sails. Sail the great lakes!